Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Will your extinguisher fire when you pull the trigger?

When you urgently need a fire extinguisher it’s likely that your staff or property is in immediate danger. Your fire equipment needs to be in good condition, and work first time.

Your fire extinguisher needs to work first time

It sounds obvious, but unfortunately, when the chips are down this is not always the case. Malfunction usually occurs when a fire extinguisher has been exposed to day-to-day wear and tear or has not been serviced.

It’s not enough to own fire safety equipment; you need to protect it from unintended damage.

Fire equipment may look bullet-proof; but it’s vulnerable

It’s important to protect your fire extinguisher from environments which may cause corrosion or deterioration; for example:

  • Sunlight
  • Salt laden air
  • Dust
  • Humidity
  • Chemicals
  • Grease

Extinguishers are usually stored near the coal-face

A fire extinguisher is of little use if it’s not near the action, but you need to protect it in locations where it may be bumped or scraped through everyday activity. In areas where extinguishers may be stolen or tampered with; a cabinet with a break-glass front can be a good option.

Let us know if a fire cabinet is not an option for you, a simple cover may suffice. Fire extinguisher covers are available in vinyl or clear plastic and offer some limited protection in harsh environments.

Fire hose reels also need protection from the elements; so if you own a reel make sure it too is stored safely in a fire cabinet or cover.

All Fire Safety offers independent fire protection for the whole Wellington region, so no matter which suburb you are based in we can advise you regarding fire extinguisher protection, fire safety training, and of course the fire extinguishers themselves.

Contact All Fire Safety to discuss the best way to keep your fire safety equipment ready for when you desperately need it.



Fire extinguisher cabinet and training Wellington and Porirua

A fire extinguisher cabinet keeps equipment safe until you need it.