Fire Alarms

Your fire early warning system

Fire Alarm

Fire alarms act as an early warning in the event of a fire, giving you the chance to evacuate premises and allowing you and your staff to take action or escape.

Your fire alarm detects the presence of fire by monitoring the changes in environment associated with combustion, including the detection of smoke. The size of, and number of people in your premises affects how many fire alarms you’ll need and what fire precautions should be made in order to protect the facility and its staff.

A Fire Protection Site Survey will allow us to be specific and will let you know how best to approach your fire safety strategy.

What are the benefits of your fire alarm?

Fire alarms can be linked with other systems making for an efficient and safer system. For example, when a fire alarm is triggered, sprinkler systems can be activated, or the local fire station can be alerted. When you consider how much damage could be prevented, and how many lives are saved a year from their simple installation, their cost is minimal in comparison.

All Fire Safety fire alarm servicing

Fire detection and fire alarm systems are vitally important safety systems in a building so they need to be reliable and function properly in an emergency.  Fire alarms need to be maintained and checked according to the Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) compliance schedule for the building.

In addition to Fire Alarm installation we offer:

  • Fire alarm servicing
  • Monthly testing of alarms
  • Annual IQP Inspections of alarm systems

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