Fire safety training courses

Would you be able to use an extinguisher in a fire?

Most people have never used a fire extinguisher and during a fire is not a good time to learn. You may feel confident that you would cope, but when a small fire breaks out, time is critical. You only have seconds to react before it turns into a major blaze and there isn’t time to read fire extinguisher instructions, or hesitate wondering what to do.

Fire Extinguisher Training and Emergency/Fire Warden Training

Should a fire break out on your premises you and your staff need to feel confident with the fire extinguisher in the cabinet. This is especially so for your Fire Warden or Emergency Warden, as others will be relying on them for leadership.

All Fire Safety training courses offer invaluable experience handling and operating the fire safety equipment, and delivering fire prevention advice. It’s important that your wardens know the ropes and feel confident should a fire break out on your premises.

Fire Safety training for wardens. Fire extinguishers Wellington.

All Fire Safety training is customised to your needs

  • We have over a decade’s experience training people across a wide range of industries and workplaces
  • Our courses combine theory with practical hands-on experience
  • We customise training so it is relevant to your specific needs and industry
  • We can assess to NZQA unit standard level if needed
  • Our computerised gas-fired simulator allows you to practice using extinguishers on live fire
  • The fire simulator is very clean and safe
  • We can come to you, arrange a venue in your area, or we have our own on-site training facility
  • All participants receive a training handbook and certificate of completion

All Fire Safety offers independent fire protection for the whole Wellington region, Horowhenua and Manawatu. So no matter which suburb you are based in we can advise you regarding fire extinguisher protection, fire safety training, and of course the fire extinguishers themselves.

What you will learn

Fire Extinguisher Training

  • How to identify and manage workplace fire risks
  • How and when to use fire hoses and fire blankets
  • How and when to use different types of fire extinguisher
  • Correct fire extinguisher technique
  • Keeping yourself and others safe in a fire
  • Basic Fire Chemistry and Fire Behaviour

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher (pdf 148kb)

How to use a Fire Blanket (pdf 102kb)

Emergency /Fire Warden Training

  • Warden roles & responsibilities before, during & after an emergency
  • Legislation covering fire safety and building evacuation
  • Raising the alarm / responding to an emergency
  • Safe evacuation procedures
  • Resources required for safe evacuation

Course options

  1. Practical use of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels & Fire Blankets (includes general Fire Safety)
  2. Emergency / Fire Warden Training
  3. Practical Use of Fire Extinguishers , Fire Hose Reels & Fire Blankets + Emergency Warden Training – combined

We offer a FREE fire protection site survey of your work environment.

Contact us to inquire about fire safety training, and for more info check out the All fire Safety Training brochure.