Fire Extinguisher Training and Emergency/Fire Warden Training

You may have fire fighting equipment installed at work but it’s a well known fact that most people have never used an extinguisher. When a small fire breaks out, time is critical. You only have seconds to react before it can turn into a major event and there isn’t time to waste reading instructions and wondering what to do.

Allfire Safety

Why use All Fire Safety?

  • We have over a decade’s experience training people across a wide range of industries and workplaces
  • Our courses combine theory with practical hands-on experience
  • We customise training so it is relevant to your specific needs and industry
  • We can assess to NZQA unit standard level if needed
  • Our computerised gas-fired simulator allows you to practice using extinguishers on live fire
  • The fire simulator is very clean and safe
  • We can come to you, arrange a venue in your area, or we have our own on-site training facility
  • All participants receive a training handbook and certificate of completion

What will you learn?

Fire Extinguisher Training

  • How to identify and manage workplace fire risks
  • How and when to use fire hoses and fire blankets
  • How and when to use different types of extinguisher
  • Correct extinguisher technique
  • Keeping yourself and others safe in a fire
  • Basic Fire Chemistry and Fire Behaviour

Emergency /Fire Warden Training

  • Warden roles & responsibilities before, during & after an emergency
  • Legislation covering fire safety and building evacuation
  • Raising the alarm / responding to an emergency
  • Safe evacuation procedures
  • Resources required for safe evacuation

Course options

  1. Practical use of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Reels & Fire Blankets (includes general Fire Safety)
  2. Emergency /Fire Warden Training
  3. Practical Use of Fire Extinguishers , Fire Hose Reels & Fire Blankets + Emergency Warden Training – combined

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